Your first track

This guide shows you how to create your first track using the CLI. This is what you'll do:

  1. Install and authenticate the CLI

  2. Create local track configuration files

  3. Push your local track to Instruqt

  4. Play your first track!

Install and authenticate the CLI

Step 1: Download and install the CLI

  1. Download the latest release

  2. Extract the archive

  3. Move the binary to a location in your $PATH, for example:

    • /usr/local/bin

    • /usr/bin

  4. To test if you can run the CLI, run the instruqt command in your terminal

Step 2: Authenticate the CLI

To start developing tracks with the CLI, authenticate your local install first

  1. Run instruqt auth login in your terminal

  2. Open the generated URL in your browser

  3. Log in using your Instruqt credentials

Create and push your first track

Step 1: Create a track

To create a directory first-track with track configuration files on your local machine, run this command:

instruqt track create --title "First track"

Step 2: Add the first challenge

  1. Change into the new directory with the track: cd first-lab

  2. Add the first a challenge:

instruqt challenge create --title "First challenge"

Play the track

This lab features an ubuntu sandbox host and one challenge that shows a terminal tab.

To play the lab in a web browser, run this command in the track directory:

instruqt track open

What's next