Welcome to Instruqt

Instruqt is an interactive learning platform. Use it to build tracks (labs) that guide learners through a series of challenges in a sandbox environment.

The sandbox environment with containers, VMs, and Cloud accounts

In the sandbox environment, learners have shell access to a sandbox host (a virtual machine or a container), and you can provide access to a dedicated account on Google Cloud, AWS, or Azure.

The entire platform is web-based. That means your learners do not have to install software on their local machine. Learners play your tracks using our web-based terminal emulator and visual code editor, and you can also embed your own web app (if you install it on a sandbox host).

Learners can access the sandbox hosts in the sandbox

The tracks you build are a series of challenges. To complete a challenge, the learner performs a task in the sandbox environment. If they succeed, they can continue to the next challenge. Optionally, you can create check scripts to test if learners can continue. Instruqt executes the scripts on the sandbox host.

The setup and check scripts make sure learners hit the ground running and help them stay in the flow of solving challenges. Learning should be fun, and you don't want your learners to spend their time debugging issues that only happen on their local machine.

You use our web interface to build the tracks, or use our command line client to download the track configuration files and scripts to your local machine for editing.

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