Welcome to Instruqt
Instruqt is an interactive learning platform. The best way to learn how to work with a software product is in a real sandbox environment.
A sandbox environment on Instruqt is provisioned on demand for every learner, and it can contain:
You can install any product in an Instruqt sandbox, and the hosts in a sandbox are networked. Be sure to check out our pre-built templates, including Kubernetes and Docker.
In a sandbox, learners don’t have to worry about breaking things. This lets them experiment freely and learn faster.

Playing tracks using only a web browser

Learners can edit files, open a shell, or a view a web app
Learners on Instruqt do not have to install software on their local machine. They play your tracks using our web-based terminal emulator and code editor. You can also embed web applications.

A track keeps learners focused with bite-sized challenges

Instruqt lets you guide learners, one challenge at a time. Challenges are bite-sized tasks that keep the learners focused and improve their learning experience.
Add interactive validation with check scripts to tell learners if they completed a task successfully and give them guidance if they are struggling. Learning is faster with feedback.
Storytelling is an important part of learning. You can present one or more slides to the learner before they enter a challenge. Show video content, images or beautifully formatted text.

Creating realistic environments

Use the sandbox to run your product, and any context you need to make the example more real:
  • If your product is a monitoring solution, you'll also want to run a few applications in the sandbox to monitor.
  • If your product provisions infrastructure across multiple clouds, add an Azure subscription, AWS account, and a Google project to the sandbox.

Provisioning sandboxes your way

You can provision the hosts in the sandbox in three ways:
  • Add setup scripts to the hosts that run after the host starts, before the learner can access the sandbox
  • Bring your own virtual machine image
  • Bring your own container image
For common use-cases, including Kubernetes, Docker, multi-node Kubernetes, we maintain virtual machine images and template tracks.

What's next?

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