Roles and permissions

This reference describes track access control and team settings.

Track access control

Instruqt users can have these permissions:

  • Create and copy tracks.

  • Edit tracks

  • Play tracks.

  • Skip challenges within a track.

The permissions that apply to a user are determined by:

  • The user's role in the team:

    • Owner

    • Content Creator

    • Instructor

    • Member

  • Whether the user is defined as a track author for a track.

  • The Track options:

    • In maintenance

    • Allow skipping

Who can create and copy tracks?

Instruqt users with the owner or content creator role can create and copy tracks.

Who can edit tracks?

  • Instruqt users with the owner or content creator role.

  • The track authors. (Note: This includes authors with the member role.)

Who can play a track?

  • Instruqt users with the owner role and track authors can always play a track.

  • All team members can play a track if the track is not in maintenance.

  • Anyone with access through an embed or invite link can play a track if it is not in maintenance.

  • Instructors can play a track they have been granted access to.

Who can skip challenges?

If every challenge in a track has a solve script, users can potentially skip challenges. The following users can always skip challenges:

  • All team members.

  • Track authors.

  • Instructors who have access to that track.

Additionally, anyone can skip challenges if the Allow skipping setting is turned on for the track.

Who can manage track invites?

Owners and content creators can perform all actions on all invites.

The instructors are allowed to create new invites.

Instructors can manage their own invites and invites they have been added as an author.

Prevent accidental updates to a track

Remove all track authors, so only users with the owner role in your team can edit a track.

Team settings

Depending on their role, Instruqt users have elevated permissions to perform administrative tasks:

PermissionOwnerContent CreatorMemberInstructor

Manage team members

Manage API key

Edit branding

Set track play limits

Update track pooling settings (hot start)

Manage track invites

Manage secrets

Use secrets in tracks

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