Runtime parameters

Inject parameters at runtime to alter tracks.


Runtime parameters are key/value pairs that are injected as environment variables into lifecycle scripts. The values for runtime parameters can be hard coded values, or sensitive values fetched from our secrets feature.

Runtime parameters are only injected during lifecycle script executions and are by default not stored in / accessible via containers or virtual machines.

Runtime parameters specified when starting a track via the API will override the values configured on an invite if there are duplicate keys.

Configure runtime parameters

Select the sharing method appropriate to your use case.

  1. Copy the embed URL of the track you want to add runtime parameters to.

  2. Append rtp_<name>=<value> or rts_<name>=<value> to the URL for runtime parameters and secrets, respectively. In either case, the <name> value will be available as an environment variable in lifecycle scripts.

The following example sets an environment variable called USER_ID to the value testuser and an environment variable called API_KEY to the value in the configured in the secret named SECRET_API_KEY.

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