Container Troubleshooting in Instruqt

If you're experiencing difficulties accessing a container via an application path or terminal in Instruqt, follow these troubleshooting steps:

  1. Increase Memory and Check Path/Port: Ensure that you've allocated an appropriate amount of memory to the container. Also, verify that the correct path and port number are being used.

  2. Run Docker Container Locally: Before deploying on Instruqt, try running the Docker container locally. To do this, install Docker on your local device and launch the container from Dockerhub.

  3. Use Google Cloud Shell: Google Cloud Shell already has Docker installed and can run containers natively in Google Cloud. This environment is identical to the one Instruqt runs in, making it an accurate test of compatibility.

  4. Avoid ARM-based Mac for Container Creation: Creating a container on an ARM-based Mac and then running it on Instruqt will always fail. This is because Instruqt operates on Google Cloud infrastructure, which is x86 based.

Please note that these steps are meant to be a general guide. Depending on the specific issue you're facing, some steps may not apply. Always ensure that you're following best practices for container deployment and management.