Custom container images

Create custom container images for your sandboxes.


Before creating your custom Docker image, ensure that the image you need is not already available on the Docker hub. Read the Docker documentation to build your own Docker image.

Create images

You have two options for hosting container images:

  • Host publicly on Docker Hub (if you host on Docker, no further work is needed)

  • Host privately in a Google Cloud Artifact Registry (see steps below)

Instruqt only supports Linux x86/amd64 based images. If you are using an Apple Silicon Macbook, use the --platform=linux/amd64 flag for docker build command.

Google Cloud Artifact Registry

If you opt for private images, you need to Instruqt's service accounts access to your repository. You can do so by granting the role roles/storage.objectViewer on the backing storage to the following Instruqt service accounts:



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