Allowed services and regions

Complete list of cloud services and regions that can be configured in Instruqt.


"accessanalyzer": "AWS IAM Access Analyzer",
"amplify": "AWS Amplify",
"amplifybackend": "AWS Amplify Admin",
"amplifyuibuilder": "AmplifyUIBuilder",
"apigateway": "Amazon API Gateway",
"application-insights": "Amazon CloudWatch Application Insights",
"autoscaling": "Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling",
"cloudformation": "AWS CloudFormation",
"cloudfront": "Amazon CloudFront",
"cloudtrail": "AWS CloudTrail",
"cloudtrail-data": "AWS CloudTrail Data Service",
"cloudwatch": "Amazon CloudWatch",
"drs": "AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery (DRS)",
"dynamodb": "Amazon DynamoDB",
"ebs": "Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS)",
"ec2": "Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)",
"ecr": "Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR)",
"ecr-public": "Amazon Elastic Container Registry Public",
"ecs": "Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS)",
"efs": "Amazon Elastic File System (EFS)",
"eks": "Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)",
"eks-auth": "Amazon EKS Auth",
"elasticache": "Amazon ElastiCache",
"elb": "Elastic Load Balancing",
"es": "Amazon OpenSearch Service",
"eventbridge": "Amazon EventBridge",
"events": "Amazon CloudWatch Events",
"firehose": "Amazon Data Firehose",
"iam": "AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)",
"internetmonitor": "Internet Monitor",
"kinesis": "Amazon Kinesis Data Streams",
"kms": "AWS Key Management Service",
"lambda": "AWS Lambda",
"logs": "Amazon CloudWatch Logs",
"networkmonitor": "Amazon CloudWatch Network Monitor",
"oam": "Observability Access Manager",
"rds": "Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)",
"rds-data": "RDS Data",
"rum": "RUMControlPlaneLambda",
"s3": "Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)",
"servicecatalog": "AWS Service Catalog",
"sns": "Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS)"
"af-south-1":     "Africa (Cape Town)",
"ap-east-1":      "Asia Pacific (Hong Kong)",
"ap-northeast-1": "Asia Pacific (Tokyo)",
"ap-northeast-2": "Asia Pacific (Seoul)",
"ap-northeast-3": "Asia Pacific (Osaka)",
"ap-south-1":     "Asia Pacific (Mumbai)",
"ap-south-2":     "Asia Pacific (Hyderabad)",
"ap-southeast-1": "Asia Pacific (Singapore)",
"ap-southeast-2": "Asia Pacific (Sydney)",
"ap-southeast-3": "Asia Pacific (Jakarta)",
"ap-southeast-4": "Asia Pacific (Melbourne)",
"ca-central-1":   "Canada (Central)",
"ca-west-1":      "Canada West (Calgary)",
"eu-central-1":   "Europe (Frankfurt)",
"eu-central-2":   "Europe (Zurich)",
"eu-north-1":     "Europe (Stockholm)",
"eu-south-1":     "Europe (Milan)",
"eu-south-2":     "Europe (Spain)",
"eu-west-1":      "Europe (Ireland)",
"eu-west-2":      "Europe (London)",
"eu-west-3":      "Europe (Paris)",
"il-central-1":   "Israel (Tel Aviv)",
"me-central-1":   "Middle East (UAE)",
"me-south-1":     "Middle East (Bahrain)",
"sa-east-1":      "South America (Sao Paulo)",
"us-east-1":      "US East (Northern Virginia)",
"us-east-2":      "US East (Ohio)",
"us-west-1":      "US West (Northern California)",
"us-west-2":      "US West (Oregon)"


"": "Admin SDK API",
"": "App Engine Admin API",
"": "Artifact Registry API",
"": "BigQuery API",
"": "BigQuery Data Transfer API",
"": "BigQuery Storage API",
"": "Certificate Manager API",
"": "Google Cloud APIs",
"": "Cloud Asset API",
"": "Cloud Billing API",
"": "Cloud Build API",
"": "Cloud Functions API",
"": "Cloud Key Management Service (KMS) API",
"": "Cloud Resource Manager API",
"": "Cloud Scheduler API",
"": "Compute Engine API",
"": "Kubernetes Engine API",
"": "Container Registry API",
"": "Cloud Deployment Manager V2 API",
"": "Sensitive Data Protection (DLP)",
"": "Cloud DNS API",
"": "Eventarc API",
"": "Firebase Management API",
"": "Cloud Firestore API",
"": "Identity and Access Management (IAM) API",
"": "IAM Service Account Credentials API",
"": "Kubernetes Metadata API",
"": "Cloud Natural Language API",
"": "Cloud Logging API",
"": "Cloud Memorystore for Memcached API",
"": "Cloud Monitoring API",
"": "Network Management API",
"": "Network Security API",
"": "Network Services API",
"": "OS Config API",
"": "Cloud Pub/Sub API",
"": "Pub/Sub Lite API",
"": "Google Cloud Memorystore for Redis API",
"": "Cloud Run Admin API",
"": "Cloud Runtime Configuration API",
"": "Secret Manager API",
"": "Security Command Center API",
"": "Service Management API",
"": "Service Networking API",
"": "Service Usage API",
"": "Cloud Source Repositories API",
"": "Cloud Speech-to-Text API",
"": "Cloud SQL",
"": "Cloud SQL Admin API",
"": "Google Cloud Storage JSON API",
"": "Cloud Storage",
"": "Cloud Storage API",
"": "Storage Transfer API",
"": "Security Token Service API",
"": "Cloud Video Intelligence API",
"": "Cloud Vision API",
"": "Serverless VPC Access API"
"africa-south1":           "Africa (Johannesburg)",
"asia-east1":              "Asia-Pacific (Taiwan)",
"asia-east2":              "Asia-Pacific (Hong Kong)",
"asia-northeast1":         "Asia-Pacific (Tokyo)",
"asia-northeast2":         "Asia-Pacific (Osaka)",
"asia-northeast3":         "Asia-Pacific (Seoul)",
"asia-south1":             "Asia-Pacific (Mumbai)",
"asia-south2":             "Asia-Pacific (Delhi)",
"asia-southeast1":         "Asia-Pacific (Singapore)",
"asia-southeast2":         "Asia-Pacific (Jakarta)",
"australia-southeast1":    "Asia-Pacific (Sydney)",
"australia-southeast2":    "Asia-Pacific (Melbourne)",
"europe-central2":         "Europe (Warsaw)",
"europe-north1":           "Europe (Finland)",
"europe-southwest1":       "Europe (Madrid)",
"europe-west1":            "Europe (Belgium)",
"europe-west10":           "Europe (Berlin)",
"europe-west12":           "Europe (Turin)",
"europe-west2":            "Europe (London)",
"europe-west3":            "Europe (Frankfurt)",
"europe-west4":            "Europe (Netherlands)",
"europe-west6":            "Europe (Zurich)",
"europe-west8":            "Europe (Milan)",
"europe-west9":            "Europe (Paris)",
"me-central1":             "Middle-East (Doha)",
"me-central2":             "Middle-East (Dammam)",
"me-west1":                "Middle-East (Tel Aviv)",
"northamerica-northeast1": "Americas (Montréal)",
"northamerica-northeast2": "Americas (Toronto)",
"southamerica-east1":      "Americas (São Paulo)",
"southamerica-west1":      "Americas (Santiago)",
"us-central1":             "Americas (Iowa)",
"us-east1":                "Americas (South Carolina)",
"us-east4":                "Americas (Northern Virginia)",
"us-east5":                "Americas (Columbus)",
"us-south1":               "Americas (Dallas)",
"us-west1":                "Americas (Oregon)",
"us-west2":                "Americas (Los Angeles)",
"us-west3":                "Americas (Salt Lake City)",
"us-west4":                "Americas (Las Vegas)"


"Microsoft.Advisor": "Azure Advisor",
"Microsoft.Authorization": "Azure Authorization",
"Microsoft.Automation": "Automation",
"Microsoft.Billing": "Cost Management and Billing",
"Microsoft.Blueprint": "Azure Blueprints",
"Microsoft.ChangeAnalysis": "Azure Monitor",
"Microsoft.ClassicSubscription": "Classic deployment model",
"Microsoft.Compute": "Azure Compute",
"Microsoft.ContainerInstance": "Container Instances",
"Microsoft.ContainerRegistry": "Container Registry",
"Microsoft.ContainerService": "Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)",
"Microsoft.CostManagement": "Cost Management",
"Microsoft.CustomProviders": "Azure Custom Providers",
"Microsoft.Features": "Azure Features",
"Microsoft.GuestConfiguration": "Azure Policy",
"Microsoft.KeyVault": "Key Vault",
"Microsoft.ManagedIdentity": "Managed identities for Azure resources",
"Microsoft.Management": "Management Groups",
"Microsoft.MarketplaceOrdering": "Azure Marketplace Ordering",
"Microsoft.Network": "Azure Networking",
"Microsoft.OperationalInsights": "Azure Monitor",
"Microsoft.OperationsManagement": "Azure Monitor",
"Microsoft.PolicyInsights": "Azure Policy",
"Microsoft.Portal": "Azure portal",
"Microsoft.ResourceGraph": "Azure Resource Graph",
"Microsoft.ResourceHealth": "Azure Service Health",
"Microsoft.ResourceNotifications": "Azure Resource Notifications",
"Microsoft.Resources": "Azure Resource Manager",
"Microsoft.Security": "Security Center",
"Microsoft.SerialConsole": "Azure Serial Console for Windows",
"Microsoft.Solutions": "Azure Managed Applications",
"Microsoft.Sql": "Azure SQL Database Azure SQL Managed Instance Azure Synapse Analytics",
"Microsoft.Storage": "Storage",
"Microsoft.Web": "App ServiceAzure Functions",
"microsoft.insights": "Azure Insights",
"": "Azure Support Service"
"asia":               "Asia",
"asiapacific":        "Asia Pacific",
"australia":          "Australia",
"australiacentral":   "(Asia Pacific) Australia Central",
"australiacentral2":  "(Asia Pacific) Australia Central 2",
"australiaeast":      "(Asia Pacific) Australia East",
"australiasoutheast": "(Asia Pacific) Australia Southeast",
"brazil":             "Brazil",
"brazilsouth":        "(South America) Brazil South",
"brazilsoutheast":    "(South America) Brazil Southeast",
"brazilus":           "(South America) Brazil US",
"canada":             "Canada",
"canadacentral":      "(Canada) Canada Central",
"canadaeast":         "(Canada) Canada East",
"centralindia":       "(Asia Pacific) Central India",
"centralus":          "(US) Central US",
"eastasia":           "(Asia Pacific) East Asia",
"eastus":             "(US) East US",
"eastus2":            "(US) East US 2",
"europe":             "Europe",
"france":             "France",
"francecentral":      "(Europe) France Central",
"francesouth":        "(Europe) France South",
"germany":            "Germany",
"germanynorth":       "(Europe) Germany North",
"germanywestcentral": "(Europe) Germany West Central",
"india":              "India",
"israel":             "Israel",
"israelcentral":      "(Middle East) Israel Central",
"italy":              "Italy",
"italynorth":         "(Europe) Italy North",
"japan":              "Japan",
"japaneast":          "(Asia Pacific) Japan East",
"japanwest":          "(Asia Pacific) Japan West",
"jioindiacentral":    "(Asia Pacific) Jio India Central",
"jioindiawest":       "(Asia Pacific) Jio India West",
"korea":              "Korea",
"koreacentral":       "(Asia Pacific) Korea Central",
"koreasouth":         "(Asia Pacific) Korea South",
"mexicocentral":      "(Mexico) Mexico Central",
"newzealand":         "New Zealand",
"northcentralus":     "(US) North Central US",
"northeurope":        "(Europe) North Europe",
"norway":             "Norway",
"norwayeast":         "(Europe) Norway East",
"norwaywest":         "(Europe) Norway West",
"poland":             "Poland",
"polandcentral":      "(Europe) Poland Central",
"qatar":              "Qatar",
"qatarcentral":       "(Middle East) Qatar Central",
"singapore":          "Singapore",
"southafrica":        "South Africa",
"southafricanorth":   "(Africa) South Africa North",
"southafricawest":    "(Africa) South Africa West",
"southcentralus":     "(US) South Central US",
"southeastasia":      "(Asia Pacific) Southeast Asia",
"southindia":         "(Asia Pacific) South India",
"spaincentral":       "(Europe) Spain Central",
"sweden":             "Sweden",
"swedencentral":      "(Europe) Sweden Central",
"switzerland":        "Switzerland",
"switzerlandnorth":   "(Europe) Switzerland North",
"switzerlandwest":    "(Europe) Switzerland West",
"uae":                "United Arab Emirates",
"uaecentral":         "(Middle East) UAE Central",
"uaenorth":           "(Middle East) UAE North",
"uk":                 "United Kingdom",
"uksouth":            "(Europe) UK South",
"ukwest":             "(Europe) UK West",
"unitedstates":       "United States",
"westcentralus":      "(US) West Central US",
"westeurope":         "(Europe) West Europe",
"westindia":          "(Asia Pacific) West India",
"westus":             "(US) West US",
"westus2":            "(US) West US 2",
"westus3":            "(US) West US 3"

Missing services and regions

If the desired service and/or region is missing, please reach out in your Slack organization or to support.

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