Network Configuration: IP and MAC Address Control

In our labs, we often receive queries regarding the control over traditional IP addressing and MAC Addresses, especially in the context of firewall labs where Layer 3 communication is a necessity. Users often need to change IP addresses, perform Network Address Translation (NAT), and other Layer 3 network changes on the machines or network.

Native Sandboxes

In our native sandboxes, users do not have control over IP and MAC addresses. This means that changes to IP addresses, NAT, and other Layer 3 network changes cannot be performed directly on the machines or network in these environments.

Cloud Accounts

However, we provide an alternative solution for users who need more control over their network configurations. We offer the ability to provision environments within cloud accounts. These accounts can be set up on various cloud platforms including Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft Azure.

Once you have provisioned an environment within these cloud accounts, you can control networking via Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). This gives you the flexibility to change IP addresses, perform NAT, and make other Layer 3 network changes as per your requirements.

In summary, while our native sandboxes do not offer control over IP and MAC addresses, our cloud account provisioned environments do, providing users with the flexibility they need for their network configurations.