Skip challenges

Enable users to skip challenges in your tracks

Tracks have an optional setting to allow challenge skipping. This is useful when learners are stuck on a certain challenge or have partially completed a track and want to pick up where they left off.

Who can skip challenges?

Regardless of any configuration, the following people can always skip challenges:

  • All team members

  • Track authors

Learners can only skip challenges if you specifically enable that functionality.

If you enable skipping, learners will be able to skip every challenge in a track. You cannot turn on skipping for specific challenges.

Before you begin

There are two requirements to enable challenge skipping for a track:

Enable challenge skipping

You can enable challenge skipping using the Web UI or the Instruqt CLI.

  1. Click the track you want to enable skipping on.

  2. In the Settings section, turn on the Allow skipping toggle.

If you cannot toggle Allow skipping, ensure that every challenge with a check script also has a solve script.

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