Feature overview

Instruqt provides two track-building tools, the Web UI and Instruqt CLI. You are free to choose your building tool. And can even use both tools side by side. Trainers and marketers lean towards the Web UI; developers and sales engineers towards the Instruqt CLI. The available features are slightly different for Web UI and Instruqt CLI. You can use the following table to pick your best tool for a specific task:

Feature🌐 Web UI💻 Instruqt CLI

Create a track from a template Fast track building with templates.

Create a track from scratch Set every track aspect yourself.

Add a challenge to a track Make your tracks interactive with challenges.

Add a script to check challenge execution Guide learners through your learning experience.

Add lifecycle scripts to a track or challenge Control every life stage of tracks and challenges.

Copy, edit, delete tracks Adept to your changing needs.

Pull a track Bring the track files to your machine to take care of everything yourself.

Test a track Ensure everything works as expected.

Deploy and share a track Make your track ready to go and share it with your learners.

Create track invites Grant controlled access to your tracks.

Live Event dashboard All-in-one solution for hosting live events with Instruqt.

View track logs Check every step and debug the unexpected.

Customize sandbox hosts Configure your containers and virtual machines using scripts.

Hot start a sandbox Preheat your sandboxes so learners can start right away.

Access cloud accounts Add GCP project, AWS accounts, and Azure subscriptions.

Use a custom VM in a track Pre-install your software and the packages needed for a track.

Use webhooks Let Instruqt automatically send track data to your system.

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