Overview of SSO and how to implement it.

Configure SSO

SSO allows you to easily authenticate content authors. You configure SSO using the Web UI.

SSO is currently limited to content creators. End user authentication is on the roadmap.

  1. Navigate to Team Settings SSO.

  2. Select the applicable SSO provider for your team. Please contact the support team if the provider used by your team is not available.

  3. Upon selecting a provider a drawer will appear for you to fill in the data related to your connection. In this example we are using Google Workspace. The values for Domain, Client ID and Client Secret must be obtained from your provider.

  4. After setting up the provider the URL provided in the management page will work for all team members. Clicking the link will copy it to your clipboard. example login URL:{team-name}/login

  5. Upon navigating to the login URL users will get prompted to authenticate through the configured provider of your team.

Users are automatically assigned to the team the they authenticate with. A user that wasn't part of the team yet will be assigned the Member role within that team.

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