Track limits

Control access to your tracks with limits.


Track limits allow you to set a play limit for public track plays. Public plays are all plays through embeds (including LTI-based plays), or through open-ended invites (without restrictions). Plays from team members, and plays from track invites that have limits on the amount of people that can consume the invite do not count towards these limits.

Per track, you can configure limits per:

  • calendar month;

  • rolling month (last 30 days);

  • IP-per-hour.

The per-IP-per-hour setting limits the total number of plays a single IP address can do per hour for the configured track. When hosting a workshop where the users are on the same network (e.g. during a conference), you can either use an invited with a maximum number of claims, or temporarily increase the number of plays per IP.

You configure track limits with the web UI.

  1. Click Settings Track limits.

  2. Set the defaults for the entire team, and click Save.

  3. Per track, override the team default limits, and click Save.

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