Learn how to integrate Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) with Instruqt.


This guide explains how to integrate Instruqt tracks within an LTI 1.1 compliant learning management system (LMS).

Instruqt offers LTI integrations using the LTI 1.1 specification and LTI Basic Outcomes for result feedback.

Scoring is done on completion of a track, where the result given is always a score of 1.0 or (100%). Meaning a track can either be complete or incomplete. More precise scoring is not supported at this point in time.

Most major LMS platforms such as Moodle, Thought Industries and Canvas support LTI 1.1. Follow the steps below to integrate one of your Instruqt tracks with your LMS of choice.

Step 1: Generate credentials

To get started a unique Consumer Key and Consumer Secret will need to be generated for your team. This step is only required once and the same credentials can be used across tracks and LMS platforms.

When LTI credentials are generated a new webhook with the endpoint will automatically be created, this is needed to provide basic outcomes feedback to consumer tools.

  1. Click Settings ā†’ API keys

  2. Under the LTI Credentials section, click Generate credentials. ā†³ You will have the ability to regenerate credentials later on.

When credentials are regenerated all existing integrations with the old credentials will need to be updated or they will cease to work.

Step 2: Integrate an Instruqt track

Once LTI credentials have been generated, tracks will each have a unique URL. This URL is visible through the Web UI.

  1. Click the track you want to integrate.

  2. Click Share at the top of the page, and select LTI integration from the dropdown.

  3. Copy the URL and the consumer key + secret to your LMS LTI 1.1 configuration page.

LMS call these values different things. They are most commonly named Tool URL, Consumer Key, and Secret Key.

Keep your Consumer Key and Secret Key safe, exposing these credentials could lead to unwanted plays on your Instruqt tracks.

Video Tutorial

Not one for words? Heres a video tutorial demonstrating LTI integration.

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