Public images

Build off of publicly accessible images.

Public VM Images

If you do not want to create your own VM images, you can use either:

  • Public GCP images

  • Instruqt provided images

GCP images

You can use most public Compute Engine machine images. Popular images include:

  • centos-cloud/centos-7

  • centos-cloud/centos-stream-8

  • debian-cloud/debian-9

  • debian-cloud/debian-10

  • debian-cloud/debian-11

  • rhel-cloud/rhel-8

  • rhel-cloud/rhel-9

  • suse-cloud/sles-15

  • ubuntu-os-cloud/ubuntu-2004-lts

  • ubuntu-os-cloud/ubuntu-2204-lts

Instruqt images

Instruqt maintains the following Compute Engine images:

  • instruqt/k3s-v1-27-1

  • instruqt/k3s-v1-28-5

  • instruqt/k3s-v1-29-0

  • instruqt/docker-2010

k3s is a lightweight Kubernetes image. Read more about it here.

Public container Images

Instruqt is capable of pulling public container images from Docker Hub, Quay, and other public container repositories.

  • nginx

  • ubuntu

  • centos

  • python

Instruqt images

Instruqt provides a cloud-client container image, which includes all of the public cloud CLI tools (awscli, az, and gcloud) pre-installed.


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