Skipping challenges
Skipping challenges allows users to skip a challenge within a track. This might be helpful when a user is stuck on a certain challenge, or when the user has already completed the challenge before.
Skipping can be done by either track developers or end-users. Track developers can skip by default. For end-users, this needs to be enabled by the track developer.
Please note that if you enable skipping for end users, they will be able to skip every challenge, whether they have completed it before or not.

Enabling skipping challenges for end-users

There are two requirements to enable the skip a challenge feature for a track:
  • You need to be a track developer of the track
  • All challenges that have check scripts, need to have working solve scripts. Read more about scripts here

Enabling from the CLI

To enable skipping challenges from the CLI, add the skipping_enabled field to your track.yml file. Read more about track configuration files here.

Enabling from the Web UI

To enable skipping to a challenge, navigate to the desired track and enable "Allow skipping" in the track options section.
Enable "Allow skipping" to enable skipping challenges for end-users
It could be that the toggle to enable this feature might be disabled on your track. In that case, make sure to go trough all your challenge life cycle scripts to ensure that all challenges that have a check script also have a working solve script. You can test these scripts by using our track testing functionality, which you can read more about here. **

Force skipping

Skipping to a challenge can be forced by a track developer. When the skip action is forced the challenge's solve and life cycle scripts will not be executed. This feature is useful when debugging challenges.
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