Template tracks

We created a library of tracks you can learn from. Hit the ground running with our fully-functioning example tracks featuring Docker, Kubernetes, or standard Ubuntu.

A track template is a pre-built track you can use as a starting point for your next track. For example, our Kubernetes template shows you how to:

  • Embed the Kubernetes dashboard in a tab

  • Deploy a service and embed it in a tab

  • Configure kubectl auto completion for learners

  • Use the setup script to block the first challenge from loading

In a template, we’ve done all the wiring for you so you can focus on creating your content.

Available templates

Single container sandbox This is the most basic Instruqt track. Get started quickly with just one sandbox container.

Virtual machine with Docker Build and run container images with Docker on a virtual machine.

Single node Kubernetes Learn how to build Kubernetes-based tracks with this template.

Multi node Kubernetes cluster Teach advanced features like pod affinity and anti-affinity with this multi-node template.

Creating a track from a template

The fastest way to create a track from a template is using the CLI:

  1. Run instruqt track create

  2. Enter the title of your new track

  3. Choose[2] From a template

  4. Select a template, for example [1] Sandbox Container

Source code

The templates are available on GitHub: https://github.com/instruqt/templates