This reference lists the available Instruqt CLI commands and specifies some commonly used commands.

What are commands?

A command is a directive to an operating system or an application to perform a task—for example, copying a file or creating a track in the Instruqt context.

Instruqt CLI commands

You can issue commands to Instruqt CLI if you have installed this application on your machine.
Instruqt CLI commands always start with the instruqt directive, followed by a command with an optional subcommand and optional flags. For example, challenge is a command which has a create subcommand and a --title flag:
instruqt challenge create --title "Create a Kubernetes cluster"
But version is a command on its own:
instruqt version

Available commands

To explore the available commands, open a terminal on your machine and enter the following command:
instruqt --help
↳ Instruqt CLI shows the available commands:
List all users playing an invite.
Authentication commands.
Create and manage challenges.
Generate shell auto completion scripts.
View and edit Instruqt CLI configuration.
Manage the developers of a track.
Help about any command.
Create and manage notes.
Create and manage tracks.
Update the CLI.
Show the version of the CLI.

Drill down commands

You can drill down any command with the --help flag—for example the track command:
instruqt track --help
↳ After which Instruqt CLI shows the subcommands for track command:
Available Commands:
checksum Get the track checksum
create Create a new track
delete Delete a remote track
deploy Deploy a remote track
logs Get logs for the track
open Open the track URL in a browser
pull Pull the track from the remote server
push Push the local track to the remote server
test Test the track with its lifecycle scripts
upgrade Upgrade track version.
validate Validate the local track
And you can even further drill down by adding a subcommand:
instruqt track create --help
↳ After which Instruqt CLI shows examples and the flags for the create subcommand:
If you omit the track slug (TRACK), one is generated based on the title:
$: instruqt track create --title "My first track"
To copy an existing track:
$: instruqt track create --from instruqt/docker-basics --title "My new track"
--from string The remote track to copy: '<organization-slug>/<track-slug>'
-h, --help help for create
--title string The title of the track

Commonly used commands

The following commonly used commands are further specified for your reference:
instruqt track create
instruqt challenge create
instruqt track push
instruqt track test
instruqt track logs
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What are commands?
Instruqt CLI commands
Available commands
Drill down commands
Commonly used commands