Roles and permissions

This reference describes track access control and team settings.

Track access control

Instruqt users can have these permissions:
  • Create and copy tracks.
  • Edit tracks
  • Play tracks.
  • Skip challenges within a track.
And the permissions that apply to a user are determined by:
  • The user's role in the team:
    • Owner
    • Content creator
    • Member
  • Whether the user is defined as a track author for a track.
  • The Track options:
    • In maintenance
    • Allow skipping

Who can create and copy tracks?

Instruqt users with the owner or content creator role can create and copy tracks.

Who can edit tracks?

  • Instruqt users with the owner or content creator role.
  • The track authors. (Note: this includes authors with the member role.)

Who can play a track?

  • Instruqt users with the owner role and track authors can always play a track.
  • All team members can play a track if the track is not in maintenance.
  • Anyone with access through an embed or invite link can play a track if it is not in maintenance.

Who can skip challenges?

If every challenge in a track has a solve script, users can potentially skip challenges. The following users can always skip challenges:
  • All team members.
  • Track authors.
Additionally, anyone can skip challenges if the Allow skipping setting is turned on for the track.
Prevent accidental updates to a track
Remove all track authors, so only users with the owner role in your team can edit a track.

Team settings

Depending on their role, Instruqt users have elevated permissions to perform administrative tasks:
Content Creator
Manage team members
Manage API key
Edit branding
Set track play limits
Update track pooling settings (hot start)
Manage track invites
Manage secrets
Use secrets in tracks