Run Live Events

Run live events with the Instruqt Live Event dashboard.
The Live Events dashboard provides the following features:
  • Manage events from start to finish
  • See how attendees (and the group as a whole) are doing at a glance
  • Connect to attendee sandboxes and troubleshoot when needed

How it works

Follow the steps below to set up a live event on Instruqt (or scroll down for the video):
🌐 Web UI

Before event

  1. 1.
    ⇨ Choose Live event as Track Invite type. ⇨ Fill in the rest of the form fields. Make sure to specify a start and end time. ↳ After saving, the Manage track invites page opens with your newly created invite.
  2. 2.
    Share the invite link with the attendees ⇨ From the Manage track invites page, click
    on your invite, followed by Copy invite link. ↳ The link is automatically copied to your clipboard. ↳ Attendees can access the invite link 24 hours before the start (the invite will be labeled Active).
  3. 3.
    Open the Live Event dashboard ⇨ From the Manage track invites page, click
    on your invite, followed by Go to Live dashboard. ↳ The live event dashboard will open in a new tab. This is where attendees and their activity will appear once they access the invite link.
  4. 4.
    (Optional) Create a Hot Start pool Don't want to let attendees wait? Use Hot Start to create ready-to-use sandboxes. ⇨ Click Create Hot Start in the top banner on the Live Event dashboard and set up a scheduled pool.

During event

  1. 1.
    View activity per attendee Want to see which actions a specific attendee took? ⇨ Click an attendee's name on the attendees overview. ↳ The Activity log will open.
  2. 2.
    Inspect an attendee's sandbox Want to help an attendee who's stuck? ⇨ Click on Inspect sandbox from the contextual menu on the Attendees overview, or from their Activity log. Note this option is only available if they have a sandbox running. ↳ The attendees sandbox will open in inspect mode in a new tab. You can now control the sandbox. However, for any actions to be reflected on the attendee's side (and vice versa), a page refresh is needed.
  3. 3.
    See and manage sandboxes per attendee Want to stop a sandbox that was accidentally started? Or extend the sandbox TTL for a an attendee running out of time?
    ⇨ Click on Manage sandboxes from the contextual menu on the Attendees overview, or on the 'Sandboxes' tab from their Activity log. ↳ An overview of all sandboxes for this attendee is shown. Click the contextual menu on a sandbox with the active or creating state to:
    • Inspect it;
    • Extend TTL;
    • or Stop it.
    Please note that the Inspect and Extend TTL options are only available once the learner has started playing the track.

After event

  1. 1.
    View and export attendee's details and activity ⇨ From the Manage track invites page, click on your invite, followed by View activity report. ↳ The Activity report opens. Here you'll see all attendees and their activity. ⇨ Click Download CSV report to download and process the data in your tool of choice.

Dashboard glossary

Number of attendees that have accessed the invite link. After the /, the (optional) max amount of attendees is shown (based on the invite access limit).
Number of attendees that currently have a challenge in progress.
Number of attendees that have completed all tracks. If an attendee restarts a track, they become active again.
The full name provided by the attendee when they first accessed the Track Invite link.
Track (name): the track showing the most recent activity. Progress (progress bar): the challenge progress for the shown track, with some additional information:
Time spent: x min : time spent on current challenge (shown while active)
Completed: xxyy ago: time since attendee completed the track. Last active: xxyy ago: time since attendee became idle / sandbox stopped.


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