Integrate external systems

You can integrate Instruqt with external systems such as a Learning Management System (LMS) like SkillJar or a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system like HubSpot. Instruqt has the following ways to integrate:
  • Embedded tracks When you embed a track into a (landing) page on an LMS or CRM, you have the following integration options:
    • Embed custom parameters Which enables you to send custom parameters to embedded tracks. For example, the learner's user id in an LMS. Instruqt propagates such custom parameters to webhook events, which you can process in your external system. For instance, modify the learner's progress when you catch a track.completed event.
    • Embed event callbacks Which enables you to receive event information from embedded tracks you can process in JavaScript. For example, processing a track.completed event to store the learner's progress in an LMS, or track.sandbox_ready to inform the user their track is ready to play.
    • Embed using one time play tokens Which enables a more secure way to embed tracks, only allowing a single play for every generated token.
  • Custom parameters on invite links When you share tracks through an invite link, you can send custom parameters to the invite and it's associated plays. For example, the source of traffic for an invite link, or the learner's contact id in a CRM. Instruqt propagates such custom parameters to webhook events, which you can process in your external system. Passing on custom parameters to invite links work identical to Embed custom parameters.
  • Webhooks A webhook is an API driven by events rather than requests and allows Instruqt to send data to an external system when an event like track.completed occurs.
  • APIs Instruqt supports the following APIs:
    • GraphQL API Which lets you query and update data with queries and mutations in JSON format.
    • WebSocket API Which lets you request track log data through a WebSocket connection.

Integration scenarios

Integration of Instruqt with external systems is most obvious for LMS or CRM systems like:
The integration scenario for your external system depends on what features your external system supports. For example, if your system supports adding custom JavaScript code to a web page, you can embed a track and event callbacks.
Examples of an LMS integration with SkillJar and a CRM integration with HubSpot are worked out in detail to support you in setting up an integration. You can use these examples as immediate solutions if you use any of the mentioned systems or as a foundation to build your integration.



This integration is based on embedding tracks with a custom parameter into HubSpot landing pages and processing user interactions with these landing pages through webhooks with a workflow automation tool like Zapier. Read more

Salesforce (beta)

The Instruqt x Salesforce integration allows you to connect your demos, workshops, and training to Salesforce to accelerate revenue growth. Read more