Monitor tracks played via a track invite in real time

We recommend using the new Live Event dashboard to monitor activity and progress in real time through the Web UI. The instructions on this page are still applicable if you wish to monitor activity through the CLI.
This guide explains how to monitor activity for a track invite.
You can use the following Instruqt CLI commands to monitor end user activity:
  • instruqt active-users
  • instruqt track logs
To apply these commands for monitoring track invites, follow these steps:

Step 1: Determine the invite-id of the track invite

🌐 Web UI
  1. 1.
    Open your Content page.
  2. 2.
    Click Share Content. ↳ The Manage track invites page opens.
  3. 3.
    on the track invite you want to edit, followed by Copy Link. ↳ The Copy invite URL pop-up opens, and the URL slug contains the invite-id— for example, in the URL the invite-id is qcxxcl8hi9uv.
  4. 4.
    Note or copy the invite-id.

Step 2: Show the track invite's currently active end users

💻 Instruqt CLI
  1. 1.
    Open a terminal and enter the following command:
    instruqt active-users --invite-id INVITE_ID
    ⇨ Replace INVITE_ID with the invite id that you determined in step 1. ↳ Your output will look something like this:
    ==> Active students for invite (ID: INVITE_ID)
    2020-01-03 13:45:00 instruqt/consul-connect challenge-two (2/10) abcd1234 "Anna Smith" [email protected]
    2020-01-03 12:45:00 instruqt/consul-connect challenge-one (1/10) 9876qwer "John Jones" [email protected]
    2020-01-02 11:45:00 instruqt/consul-connect challenge-three (3/10) jkhdf831 <anonymous> wio83vjs
  2. 2.
    Note the column PARTICIPANT ID that contains the participant id that you can use to view the activity log for a specific user.

Step 3: Filter the activity log for a specific end user

💻 Instruqt CLI
  1. 1.
    Enter the following command:
    instruqt track logs --participant-id PARTICIPANT_ID
    ⇨ Replace PARTICIPANT_ID with the participant id that you determined in step 2. ↳ Your output will look something like this:
    Tailing logs for track 'instruqt/consul-connect' (ID: INVITE_ID)
    2021-02-15T09:22:25Z abcd1234 INFO: Setting up environment
    2021-02-15T09:22:25Z abcd1234 INFO: Running 'terraform init'; workdir: /tmp/
    2021-02-15T09:22:25Z abcd1234 INFO: Initializing modules...
    2021-02-15T09:22:25Z abcd1234 INFO: - core in core
    2021-02-15T09:22:25Z abcd1234 INFO: - shell in container
    2021-02-15T09:22:25Z abcd1234 INFO:
    2021-02-15T09:22:25Z abcd1234 INFO: Initializing the backend...