Glossary of terms

A summary and definition of all the relevant concepts in Instruqt.

Track - The main building block for content on Instruqt. A track guide learners through a series of challenges in a sandbox environments. Learners typically perform their tasks in a web-based shell that runs on a sandbox host.

Challenge - An individual incremental step in a track. A challenge comes with a concrete assigment for the learner, and you can add scripts that check if the learner completed the challenge. The check script (and all other lifecycle scripts) execute on the sandbox host.

Notes - Before the learner starts a challenge, notes show on the screen. This is where you provide additional context to the assignment. Every challenge has notes - they are a great way to keep the learner engaged while they are waiting for the setup script of the challenge to complete.

Sandbox environment - The sandbox environment starts on-demand when a user starts a track (you can also enable pooling to pre-start sandboxes. Part of the sandbox are hosts (the learner has shell access to them), and one or more connected cloud accounts.

Sandbox host - As a part of the sandbox environment, you can add hosts. A host is either a container or a virtual machine. Instruqt patches the sandbox host to provide shell access to the learner.

Lifecycle scripts - There are four scripts that execute on sandbox hosts as a part of the challenge lifecycle: setup, check, solve, and cleanup. There is an additional track cleanup script that exexutes before the sandbox environment is stopped. Lifecycle scripts always execute on a sandbox host.

Quiz - A special type of challenge is the quiz. They are a great way to test the knowledge of your learners by asking them questions throughout the track. A quiz requires a correct answer before the learner can continue to the next challenge.

Cloud accounts - As a part of the sandbox environment, you can add a Google Cloud project, AWS credentials, or an Azure subscription. Instruqt makes sure the credentials are available on the hosts in the sandbox. For example, if you connect a Google Cloud project, the command line interface gcloud is available on the host, logged in and configured to use that project.

Topic - A collection of tracks. You can use them for example to group tracks that are part of a workshop, or tracks that form a learning journey.

Learner - We call someone playing a track a learner. Depending on your context, you might refer to a learner as a prospect, lead, or customer.

Content developer - That's you! You're building tracks on the platform, and you're part of an organization on Instruqt.

Track invite - Private tracks are only playable by members of the organization the track belongs to. A track invite is unique link that lets people play a private track if they are not part of the organization, and you can add limits to track invites to prevent abuse (you can't add limits to public tracks).