Windows support

How to run Windows based VM images?

The Instruqt platform currently assumes that the virtual machines in sandbox environments are Linux based. That means Windows support is limited.
What currently works:
    Network connectivity between hosts, including DNS resolution based on host names defined in the environment configuration.
    Injection of environment variables, that are defined in the environment configuration.
    Injection of instruqt user with password Passw0rd! and preconfigured ssh-key, to facilitate interaction from others hosts in the environment. This user has Administrator rights.
What does NOT work yet:
Full Windows VM support is on our roadmap.

Workaround for Windows based environments

However, it is still possible to run Windows based images as part of sandbox environments. To interact with these images we support the following work-around:
    Create a sandbox environment with two images; 1 Linux based, and 1 Windows based
      The Windows VM will run your software.
      The Linux VM is used as a proxy to the Windows VM for running life cycle scripts, and providing terminal access.
    Requirements for the Windows based VM image:
      Your software installed.
      An SSH server (see, that is used to execute lifecycle scripts, and support terminal access.
      A set of hard-coded credentials (username/password), that can be when executing scripts from the Linux VM, or use the automatically injected instruqt user.
      Optional: If you need remote desktop support, you can use Guacamole to provide RDP access. See here for an example.
      Optional: If you need terminal support, either let users connect via an ssh command on the Linux VM, or install ttyd and expose that via a service tab.
We have create an example track for this work-around. The example is based on Windows Server 2019, and uses a Guacamole container ( to provide RDP access.
You can play the example track here: And the source code is available at:
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