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Is there a list of environment variables that Instruqt injects?

Yes, you can find the available environment variables at /etc/profile.d/

My process gets killed randomly, why?

This likely caused by your container or virtual machine running out of memory. Try increasing the memory and try again.

My service tab isn't connecting to an HTTPS server, what am I doing wrong?

To use services running on HTTPS (including self-signed certificates), use a port that ends with 443 . For example, you could use port 8443

The logs show SSH connection errors

While the sandbox hosts are starting up, the Instruqt platform tries to make an SSH connection. You will see this in the logs:
Retrying SSH connection until it is available: ssh: handshake failed
This is expected behavior if it does not last longer than 10-20 seconds.

I created a custom Compute Engine machine image - it doesn't work

The most likely cause is a permissions error. Our service account needs access to use your machine image.

I added a Cloud account (GCP/AWS/Azure) to the sandbox environment, how do I use it?

The Instruqt hosts in the sandbox have access to the account. Read Using Cloud accounts to learn how to connect.

My container does not start

Container images built using podman or buildah might not work properly. Sometimes tracks using those images won't start, and instruqt track logs shows a message like this one:
2020-12-04T12:50:31Z bii3rgpaqgcr INFO: module.hostname.kubernetes_deployment.deployment: Still creating... [1m0s elapsed]
To fix this, try building your container using docker, instead of podman/buildah. The underlying problem is that the mediaType in the container image is not set properly, causing the kubernetes pod to fail with the following error:
Error response from deamon: mediaType in manifest should be 'application/vnd.docker.distribution.manifest.v2+json' not ''
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