How to integrate the Instruqt platform with external systems

There are two types of integrations possible with the Instruqt platform, inbound via our API, and outbound via challenge life cycle scripts.

Inbound integration

For inbound integration to the platform we offer an API. The API is GraphQL based, and can be used to automate actions on the platform. Examples of these are:

  • Creating invites for tracks.

  • Adding/removing members to your team.

  • Configure pooling for your tracks.

  • Exporting of statistics.

Browse the full documentation on our API​

Outbound integration

Outbound integration is when you want to call external systems based on events that happen on the Instruqt platform. Examples of these events are:

  • A user has started a tracks.

  • A user has attempted to solve a challenge.

  • A user has completed a challenge.

  • A user completes a track.

To send these events to external systems you can use challenge life cycle scripts.

More events, and webhook support is on our roadmap, please contact us if want early access to webhooks to receive events from the Instruqt platform.